Were you missold Spray Foam Insulation?

You could seek compensation if you suffered distress and/or inconvenience because a contractor duped you into using spray foam

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Can you be compensated for problems arising from SPF?

You could seek compensation if you suffered distress and/or inconvenience because a contractor duped you into thinking spray foam insulation would save you money and better protect your home.

You can state your case against the contractor by contacting the Financial Ombudsman Service. The Ombudsman would then launch an investigation and assess your case.

Vulnerable customers are more likely to have been convinced by unscrupulous spray foam
insulation contractors that SPF is the best insulation around. If this should prove to be the case, the amount awarded could be substantially more. Moreover, the same SPF issues have affected many homeowners over recent years.

Depending on the seriousness of the distress and inconvenience caused, the Ombudsman could award upwards of £5,000.

SPF Controversy & Concerns

There’s much controversy over spray polyurethane foam (SPF). And for a good reason. Although SPF is a quick way of improving insulation, it’s causing a lot of concerns for homeowners and lenders alike.

The Government’s Green Homes Grant may have compounded the problem. Homeowners could get up to £10,000 to improve the insulation in their properties.

The result? Unscrupulous contractors could sell spray foam insulation to homeowners
because they claim it provides many benefits and savings. But the story is very different
when you talk to lenders, surveyors and property valuers!

Properties with spray foam insulation are unmortgageable

In fact, lenders often ask valuers and surveyors to produce specialist reports when properties have spray foam insulation.

Moreover, homes are being devalued because of the insulation. 

In truth, lenders deem that properties with this type of insulation are unmortgageable, leaving homeowners confused and, all too often, out of pocket.

SPF is not cheaper to install than other types of insulation

Installing SPF in your home is not cheaper than having a traditional type of insulation installed.

Furthermore, the foam can give off toxic fumes, which can linger once installed. Plus, the insulation is unsightly and impossible to decorate over.

Two forms of SPF are available

There are two types of SPF used in properties. These are:

  • Closed cell, which dries hard and which is firm to the touch. But the foam doesn’t let moisture pass through
  • Open cell is spongey to the touch and isn’t that good an insulator. However, the foam does absorb sound, and it does let water vapour pass through

The problems SPF can cause to your property

There are serious problems that arise from having SPF installed in your property.
This includes:

  • Severe condensation build-up in a roof space due to ventilation being blocked (even open cell SPF can cause issues but to a lesser extent)
  • Condensation can cause roof timbers to rot
  • Open-cell and closed-cell SPF conceal any roof defects that occur as a result of water penetration once installed. Again, this causes roof timbers to rot

What should you do about roof dampness once SPF is installed?

If you find dampness in your roof, I strongly recommend you seek advice from professional.
First, they can determine whether it’s a condensation or penetrating problem.
Then it’s a question of how to resolve the issue.

It can be expensive when you need a new roof!

Lenders don’t like spray foam insulation

Lenders don’t like properties with spray foam insulation for all the reasons (and more) mentioned above. Lenders give surveyors and valuers guidance, which could negatively impact the value of your property.

In short, lenders ask that the cost of removing the spray foam or installing a new roof is factored into a home’s value. In a worst-case scenario, lenders won’t even entertain the idea of lending against a property with spray foam insulation.

Mortgage valuations are often negatively impacted!

How to Remove Spray Foam

Spray foam removal can be a complicated and time-consuming process and the first step assessing the spray foam insulation damage and advising on the best way forward. It’s therefore highly recommended that you opt for a professional spray foam removal company to get the job done.

They can remove the foam although it is worth noting that the work can be extremely labour intensive. That said, having the work carried out by professionals and replaced with another type of insulation is an option that solves your property’s spray foam insulation problems on many levels.

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